People claim that digital arts is a 21st century phenomenon;

I think it started when the first computer was used to draw the first line. All art forms at the end of the day are lines, put together, set apart, darker, lighter, etc. but lines nevertheless. To understand this is to understand the core of digital art.

Razorart seeks to provide one stop solution for all digital art necessities with the highest of quality paired with imagination and professional touch. I have provided professional digital arts solutions to clients belonging to a variety of industries, and without a doubt you should know that my services are going to be top notch. I also provide information regarding the world of digital art to my fellow artists both newcomers and professionals, as I believe digital artists need to be a tight knit community in order to grow together. There are already various such blogs which provide relevant information and therefore I try to keep mine as specific as possible.

Art is not abstract, it is absolutely specific, and has a mission of its own. Every piece of art digitised by Razorart has a mission of its own which it serves and thereby each has its own direction. This also provides place for personalization and this is done not only based on the clients’ needs but also the industry requirements. And this approach is what sets Razorart apart from the industry standard artists out there. The craft here is based upon what will be the perfect for the client and we achieve this through a discussion and brainstorming session and always ensure that both parties understand where the point of success lies. Razorart also understands that success is not based on any single factor but rather a culmination of multiple ones from viewpoints of both artist and client.

The mission statement of Razorart is to always provide original and quality services in the field of digital arts regardless of the media. We have always strived by this motto and this also reflects on out professional capability.

Razoart is a 21st century invention serving 21st century needs. The journey began a few years back serving IT clients and now the purpose of my art has spread over multiple industries and thereby it has also amassed a deep knowledge and experience of how the demands of clients shifts between the various industries. Over time I also learnt to use new tools and engage into new forms of media thereby adding new dimensions to my work.

Currently Razortart serves a variety of clients from different domains of the IT industry and provides solutions on various media. In time with the growth of the industry so will our scope of services and levels of professional endeavour.

As stated before Razorart strives to be a one stop solution provider and thereby all manners of digital art necessities such as sketches, logos, presentations, covers, posters, pamphlets, etc. are provided. Digital visual mediums have grown much beyond the range of 2 dimensions and therefore 3D art solutions are also provided. You can also hire our services for solutions regarding animations, videography, and photography.

Like any true artist I begin my work using a pencil and a piece of paper and upon conceptualization I move it to digital platforms. As per software usage I primarily work on three tools, Photoshop, CorelDraw, and Maya and use these to provide textures, backgrounds, and other necessary details to the art.

I began my journey as a digital artist at a quite young age and learn to use software like Photoshop along with learning how to draw. The world of digital arts has started coming to the forefront of recent and if you are facing problems regarding your digital arts services, be sure to leave a message and I will surely get back to you.

I find my inspiration in the stillness of water, and in the madness of storms. I also am an aficionado of renaissance era art, and modern and post-modern art styles such as pop-art, impressionism, dadaism, etc.