Drawing tablets are an absolute must for any digital artist and there is a huge range available that one can choose from.

These tablets are not all similar and have certain specific functions which can serve for particular digital arts streams, or for specific levels in the field. One maybe a beginner or a professional in the field of digital arts, but the necessity of a good drawing tablet is equal for both. With the number of products hitting the market everyday it can be tough to make a choice about which digital art tablet suits your needs.

So, here is a comprehensive list of some of the best digital arts tablets present in the market right now and also a brush up of what features they offer.

Wacom Cintiq

For The Pros

This is what’s at the top of the stands at the market right now. Apart from having a spacious drawing area of 19.5 by 11.5 inches, the Wacom Cintiq has amazing pressure sensors on its screen to ensure that the exact depth of the stylus pressure is portrayed into the drawing. The body build quality is quite sturdy, and this tablet can be carried around with ease owing to its light weight. Bottom line, the Wacom Cintiq is the tablet you need if you are aiming to join the big leagues of the digital arts industry.

Wacom Intous Draw

Best Friend Of Beginners

If you are dipping your toes in digital arts and need to find a tablet which provides you the means to draw digitally but also doesn’t leave everything up to you, the Wacom Intous Draw is your best choice. Not only does it come with a free training pack but is also one of the cheapest and best value-for-money tablets in the market. While the screen is not one of the biggest it should not be a problem for beginners who are looking to sharpen their skills. Also, the stylus pen is battery free.

XP-Pen Artist

For Those With A Budget

For its price, the XP-Pen Artist provides the most amount of drawing area possible. The resolution and the pen pressure sensitivity levels are also quite good and all over this digital art tablet can ensure that the work gets done. Although this is not a tool for industry professionals, it can ensure that the art quality is not overtly compromised on while securing the budget as well. A great tool for beginners and mid-level artists.

Wacom Intous Pro

For The Bigger Strokes

With a 12.1 by 8.4-inch drawing area, this tablet ensures that every last detail in your strokes is interpreted correctly on to the screen. The 8000+ sensitivity levels on the stylus pen lets you draw freely without having to worry about the subtleties of the machinery. The level of fluidity in this drawing mechanism makes the Wacom Intous Pro the best choice for digital illustrators.

Huion H430P

For Smaller Needs

The world of digital arts has a huge array of artists ranging from illustrators to logo creators. This one is for the people who fall into the latter category. But be not fooled by its size as the Huion H430P can provide enough means to draw anything from a logo to a cartoon. It also comes with four shortcut keys which can be personalized as per the artist’s needs.It is quite budget friendly as well and the smaller size makes it very easy to carry around.

Apple iPad Pro

One In All

With technology bringing all our needs into singular devices, the case for digital artists also remains the same. While the iPad Pro is designed to be an entertainment tablet, its high-speed processor and brilliant digital display allows for it to be used as a digital art tablet as well. The only catch being that the Apple stylus needs to be bought separately but it’s still the best entertainment tablet which can serve as a professional tool for digital artists.